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Joyous Kiddy Testimonial for Irene

What our Happy PARENT Say

Irene (not a real name) is a 7 year old girl. Every week i have to cross the bridge to Singapore for her to attend Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. In 2015, finally i found Joyous Kiddy and enrolled her in Early Intervention Program (EIP). 2 years later, Irene managed to join special class in a primary school. I'm very grateful for Joyous Kiddy's efforts.
Irene's Mum
Eric (not a real name) is a 7 year old boy. I'm mute and deaf. Eric can communicate only with her mother. Most of the time i'm using sign language to communicate with my wife. When he was 4 years old, he was unable to speak and was rejected by other kindergartens. Luckily my wife managed to enrolled him into Joyous Kiddy. And now he is a talkative boy and attended normal primary school.
Eric's Dad
Joyous Kiddy Testimonial for Eric

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Joyous Kiddy Parent Mum

“Thank you to the teacher and all the staff who been patient and guide my daughter. I felt happy and touched because i saw her improvement. Now, she has more eyes contact and wants to communicate with others. She also can do her own tasks for a long time compared to last time.”

Wee Chai Liu

“Skillful teachers and well-designed programme are all my son needs. My son gets more independent and self-motivated on his daily tasks after attending 1 month’s EIP. Looking forward to his improvement in the future with Joyous Kiddy Learning Centre.”

Mark Thin
Joyous Kiddy Parent Mum

“The thing i love the most about JK is that the teachers truly care about and love my children. I can think of no better place to give my kids a head start in their life.  JK also provides a clean environment, small teacher and student ratio, safe place for my children to learn and grow together.”

Hui Fang
Joyous Kiddy Parent Mum

“Dedicated, friendly and kind teachers. Always ever ready to help and give feedback anout child development. As a parent of 6 years old autistic child, i have been learning many useful tips. With the assistance of the teachers, i see him improving bit by bit day by day.”

Christine Ee

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