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Joyous Kiddy is an O2O Edutech (Education with Hands-On and Technology) company founded in Malaysia. We focus on providing a comprehensive Online-To-Offline(O2O) Child Education Programs for Students, Parents and Teachers since 2015.

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In Joyous Kiddy, we believe that in order for our children to grow and flourish, we need to build a strong nourishing foundation together. This can only be achieved by a team of professionals working hand in hand with families to build a safe and positive space for them.

Ian Khoo
Founder & Group CEO


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Our Vision

"Becoming a world-class O2O educational technology company that provides comprehensive, 360° education to children across Asia."

Our Mission

To leverage the whole community to discover and maximise a child’s potential.


Joyous Kiddy

Meet Our Team

Joyous Kiddy Group CEO / Founder -Ian Khoo
Ian Khoo
Founder & Group CEO
Joyous Kiddy General Manager Pn Rohaida Radzi
Pn. Rohaida Radzi
General Manager
Joyous Kiddy Head of Clients Support Evon Yeo
Evon Yeo
Head of Clients Support
Joyous Kiddy Head of Education Ong Chiau Yi
Ong Chiau Yi
Head of Education
Joyous Kiddy Principal JB Eco Spring Branch Chang Lee Jia
Chang Lee Jia
Principal JB Eco Spring Branch
Joyous Kiddy Head of Special Education Needs - Sharifah Addawiyah
Sharifah Addawiyah
Head of SEN
(Special Educational Needs)
Joyous Kiddy Branch Manager Ipoh - Mimi Nur Syazwani
Mimi Nur Syazwani
Branch Manager Ipoh
Joyous Kiddy Branch Manager Pudu & Puchong - Nur Amanda
Nur Amanda
Branch Manager Pudu & Puchong
Joyous Kiddy Principal JB Eco Botani Branch Lai Hui Lin
Lai Hui Lin
Principal JB Eco Botani Branch
Joyous Kiddy Speech Therapist - Joy Shamini
Joy Shamini
Speech Therapist
Joyous Kiddy Clinical Psychologist - Jadyn Low
Jadyn Low
Clinical Psychologist
Joyous Kiddy Occupational Therapist - Norhanisah Zainuddin
Norhanisah Zainuddin
Occupational Therapist
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