FAQ of Joyous Kiddy School Reopening

Dear valued parents and guardians,

We understand your concerns and we are trying our best to ensure the safety of all children, parents and teachers. Some parents may have doubts about Joyous Kiddy Education Group SOP. To clear the doubts, attached herewith are the Frequent Ask Question (FAQ) for school reopening:

The school will start to open on 4th October 2021 (Monday) .

We are sorry that we could not accept the student whose parent is not fully vaccinated. According to the WHO, people who only get first dose of vaccine are still in high risk. To avoid the widespread of the virus, we encourage parents to only send the children when everyone above 17 years old in the household are vaccinated.

Besides, parents and family members who stay in the same household who has fully vaccinated are requested to provide copy of digital certificate of Covid 19 Vaccination as a proof before the reopening day. The certificate will be kept as Private and Confidential.

According to WHO, all vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac) require the full 2-dose course for the best immune response. Individuals may not have the best protection until 14 days after their second dose of the vaccine. Therefore, we encourage parents to send the children back after 14 days of 2nd dose of vaccine to ensure everyone get the best protection.

Yes, we will provide Hybrid Program (online lesson and physical lesson in the same time). However, hybrid program will end by the end of October and school will resume fully physical commence November 2021.

For SEN students who unable to attend physical lesson, we will continue with home program. Home program will also end by the end of October and will resume fully physical commence November 2021

Students who join the physical class will have to pay the full amount of school fee. For the online program and home program will remain the same charges.

We will also collect the material fee for October to December together with October school fee.

There is no charges if parents decide to stop from October to December. You may contact principal or our Operation Manager Ms Adda at 010-6674959 for more details.

We will announce the school break status by the end of October 2021

We will announce the confirm school year end and the new school year by the end of October 2021

Yes, the teachers who work physically are fully vaccinated. Parents are allowed to view the teachers’ vaccine certificates. Do contact the school principal or our Operation Manager for more details.

Yes, parents must do RTK antigen test for children every fortnight. Parents to take a picture of the tested kit with child name and date written and send it to duty teacher on Sunday night.

Teachers and staff members will do RTK antigen test every fortnight as well.

For the safety and health of our children, we will not have annual concert for this year. We will carry forward the annual concert fee to next year. For the graduate of 2021, we will update the details soon.

We will always sanitize the classroom before and after class session. Teachers will sanitize after each task as well. For the common area, we will sanitize 3 times a day (before class, afternoon, and after dismissal). We will keep monitoring our staff to ensure the safety of everyone.

If there is a teacher or student tested Covid-19 positive, the school will close immediately for 14 days. According to MOH SOP, all teachers and children have to do swab test. We will inform MOE for any positive cases and follow all SOP from MOH and MOE.

For your information, we will disinfect whole premise before we reopen.

Teachers, parents, children or anybody in the household with a close contact of Covid 19 (Tier 2) are not allowed to attend to school/ work. They are requested to go for a swab test and update the result to school for further arrangement.

For your information, close contact has to stay home until the quarantine period ends (please refer attachment 1) even they are tested Covid-19 negative. Everyone involved will have to be responsible and update school for the 2nd test result (The result should be done after 10 days of the 1st result).

School will be closed for 2 days for whole premise to be disinfected and will reopen if the teacher/parent/children tested Covid-19 negative.

Yes, children are required to put on face mask and face shield in the school premise.

For your information, children must be healthy. Children with cough and flu should stay home.

Children’s temperature will be taken at entrance every morning in front of parents and guardians. If the temperature is above 37.5o C, children must be taken home.

Yes, all teachers and staff are required to wear face mask and face shield all the time.

Lunch will be served to students in their classrooms using their own lunch box where they will continue to maintain a minimum of 1 metre of physical distancing within their small cohort of students and adults.

There will be slight amendment on the school hour to avoid the crowd during drop off and pickup time. We will update the schedule by this Saturday.

If you have any doubts regard the COVID-19 plan or school reopen issue, you may contact our Operation Manager Ms Adda at 010-6674959.

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